Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Behind the Chaos

Earlier this morning, we caught some actual glimmers of hope and wondered if perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a fast approaching train. The G-O-TEA gang behind the latest and greatest manufactured crisis finally began to crack under pressure. Multiple media reports suggest House Republican "leaders" are preparing at least some sort of short term resolution.

However, these Republican "leaders" are still trying to please the 21st Century Know Nothings with some sort of "split the baby solution" where the government shutdown continues while the debt ceiling is lifted. So even now, the stupidi-TEA continues.

However, it can't continue indefinitely. Our economy just can't take any more. Oh, and neither can the Republicans' own financial backers. This morning, The New York Times published an eye-popping article full of Wall Street insiders going on record to criticize the Republican Party they used to know... But don't any more.

Joe Echevarria, the chief executive of Deloitte, the accounting and consulting firm, said, “I’m a Republican by definition and by registration, but the party seems to have split into two factions.”

While both parties have extreme elements, he suggested, only in the G.O.P. did the extreme element exercise real power. “The extreme right has 90 seats in the House,” Mr. Echevarria said. “Occupy Wall Street has no seats.” [...]

Michael J. Driscoll, a former managing director of Bear, Stearns & Co. and lifelong Republican from New York, said he would not be surprised if Wall Street executives began to shift some of the giving away from House lawmakers.

“One thing about Wall Street, it is very aware of who is working in their best interest,” he said.

Even the once traditional GOP base is feeling threatened by Republican "leaders" flailing around in desperate attempts to placate their new 21st Century Know Nothing G-O-TEA base. But if Republicans try to redefine their Shutdown Sh*tfest in a way that better pleases their traditional Wall Street allies, their 21st Century Know Nothing base will then revolt.

In their latest desperate attempt to destroy President Obama and his legacy, Republicans may be succeeding... In splintering their own party. While the likes of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) are begging House Republicans to stop the insani-TEA, some new 21st Century Know Nothing outfit is advocating armed rebellion. And guess who House Republican "leaders" are paying more attention to?

The time for the insani-TEA to end was last week. But even now, Republican "leaders" are threatening to impose even more chaos on this nation until the bitter end. And it's all because they fear their own base(s).

Wall Street won't mind some austerity shifting as long as the manufactured crisis ends ASAP. The 21st Century Know Nothings won't mind the manufactured crisis culminating in a worldwide economic collapse so long as they can claim victory in their Culture War. Republicans can't do both, so they're caught in a dilemma... And they're holding us all hostage until they find a way to save face.

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