Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Waiting for the End

It's been over a week now. And despite the occasional glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel, it appears that the light is just coming from the speeding train approaching us. The G-O-TEA manufactured crisis rages on, and we're all suffering as a result.

Yesterday, we debunked G-O-TEA memes on "compromise". Over the course of the past six months, Republicans blocked nineteen attempts to start bipartisan, bicameral budget negotiations. Republican "leaders" only changed their tune last week, just minutes before their Shutdown began.

Throughout the spring and summer, Congressional Republicans turned down multiple Democratic offers for budget negotiations. But now, we're supposed to believe the G-O-TEA Shutdown is all Senator Harry Reid's fault because he's "not playing nice"? If this situation wasn't so dangerous, we'd be laughing.

Yet now, Senator Reid is offering Republicans a way oit of their own manufactured crisis. Last week, they privately admitted they must end it before we reach credit default next week. And even a few Republicans have publicly admitted they're fighting a losing war. So why won't they stop the insani-TEA already?

All this time, Republicans have had the opportunity to end this unnecessary drama. But so far, they haven't done so. That's why Senator Reid is now offering them a way out. If they truly want to prevent the initiation of an economic collapse we haven't seen in eighty years, they can start by passing the very clean debt ceiling legislation they privately admitted they had to pass last week.

So why wait any longer? And why deny reality any longer? With each passing day of this manufactured crisis, the nation inches closer to complete disaster... And Congress wastes time on this crap that could be used to solve real problems.

So why are we still waiting for the end?

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