Monday, September 30, 2013

The Dirty Secret Behind the Insani-TEA

Earlier today, a few House Republicans admitted the votes were there to end the shutdown insani-TEA. So why can't they just pass the Senate bill already? Who's willing to answer this?

No really, they can pass the Senate bill. After all, it already sets government funding at Sequester levels. How much more austerity do they want?

Apparently, G-O-TEA culture warriors won't be satisfied until people die. Yes, they're that bloodthirsty. Not only are they out to destroy Obamacare, they want to starve millions of American families.

A little earlier, President Obama addressed the very real possibility of the federal government shutting down tonight. He explained what's about to happen... And why.

Congressional Republicans are taking their irresponsibility to a whole new level. They really can't accept yes for an answer? And they really can't accept last year's election results?

Senator Harry Reid (D-Searchlight) refused to mince words when he addressed the insani-TEA he's had to witness on Capitol Hill.

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He calls it anarchy. I call it insani-TEA. Whatever the case, it's hurting real people. And there's no good reason for any of it to happen.

House Republican "leaders" can bring this unnecessary crisis to an end whenever they want. That's the horrific dirty secret behind all the G-O-TEA manufactured nonsense. So why won't they stop the insani-TEA?

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