Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Talk About "Constituent Service"

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This week, the entire world is on edge. Will we all witness an unprecedented economic catastrophe? Will the G-O-TEA's flirtation with Armageddon lead America to just that?

There were plenty of anxious Nevadans gathering outside Rep. Joe Heck's (R-What?) Las Vegas area office to demand an end to the G-O-TEA manufactured crisis. Yet when they arrived, Heck's staff called police on them. And that was just the start of their "constituent service".

More of @RepJoeHeck's #NV03 constituents calling on him ... on Twitpic

Did @RepJoeHeck's #Vegas office just call police on #GOP... on Twitpic

Luckily, #Vegas police told @RepJoeHeck #GOPShutdown proteste... on Twitpic

While the peaceful demonstration outside Heck's office was underway, four police cars arrived. Yet upon witnessing the nonviolent protesters from Nevada AFL-CIO, OFA Nevada, and local progressive grassroots, Las Vegas Metro police officers just asked them not to block traffic (they didn't), then told them to proceed in exercising their First Amendment rights.

Just before police arrived, several local workers spoke to the crowd about what they've endured so far this month. Two federal workers are furloughed, one federal worker is being forced to work without pay, and one contractor is looking for work. Needless to say, people here in Southern Nevada are feeling the pain. What makes this even more painful is that it's absolutely unnecessary, and that's why they and the protesters were calling on Rep. Heck to stop playing Russian Roulette on the American people and let them get back to work.

This manufactured crisis has already caused plenty of economic damage. But if this continues and Republicans like Joe Heck force the nation into Armageddon, we'll only see even more unnecessary pain and suffering. That's why even Brian Sandoval, Nevada's Republican Governor, has been begging Congress to end the G-O-TEA Shutdown already.

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A few protesters were allowed upstairs to talk with Rep. Heck's staff at first. It didn't take long before they were sent back down. The rest, however, were not even given a chance to be heard. Not even constituents from Nevada's 3rd Congressional District were allowed in the office.

Above is a photo of the constituents who wanted to speak with Heck's staff. And below is a video showing what happened when they tried...

Until the staffer said he didn't want any of it on the record. And just as I had to shut off the recording, he slammed the door on his boss' constituents. Talk about "constituent service"!

Rep. Heck's office had no answer to the question we're all asking: When will the insani-TEA end? People here in Southern Nevada are hurting. And all Rep. Joe Heck and his staff are doing about it... Is calling the police and slamming doors on Heck's own constituents.

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