Friday, October 4, 2013

Do or Die

Earlier today, we did our best to explain the mess we're now in. Here's the super short answer: Thanks to ongoing G-O-TEA intransigence, America's government is shut down. And if Congressional Republicans don't stop their game of Russian Roulette, the entire world economy will be in grave danger.

Republican "leaders" let their G-O-TEA gang set Washington on fire. Yet now that Washington is on fire and Americans are demanding it be put out yesterday, Republicans are fiddling. Or more specifically, they're playing political games while Americans are suffering.

But until this week, Republicans seemed impervious to the real world consequences of their insane actions. Now, that's changing. Constituents are angry, and Congresscritters like Joe Heck (R-Stupidi-TEA) can't hide from their decision to hurt the nation.

House Republican "leaders" have finally begun signaling an eventual end to their manufactured crisis. But even as they're saying that privately, they still publicly refuse to end it. So which is it? Do they want a functioning nation, or do they want economic ruin?

Yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took to the Senate floor to describe what our government does, why it's needed, and how the G-O-TEA Shutdown undermines the foundation of this nation.

The G-O-TEA Shutdown has already been causing immense pain and suffering for many Americans. Yet despite this, we're left wondering when this will end. Is there an end in sight?

Maybe. As we mentioned above, Republican "leaders" are now privately discussing their end game. But now, Democratic leaders are stepping forward to demand an end to the insani-TEA. And if they don't end it themselves, House Democrats will put forward the plan that several Republicans have already endorsed.

So now, it's "do or die" time for Congressional Republicans. Deep down, most of them know that we need our full government running in order to keep our economy and society running. And they know debt default is anything but "responsible". So when will they step forward and end the crisis they manufactured?

Republicans are now worried about the damage being done to their party. And the rest of the world is worried about the damage being done to the economy. Reps. Joe Heck and Mark Amodei can bring this manufactured crisis to an end whenever they want. So when will they finally do it?

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