Monday, October 7, 2013

The Consequences of Insani-TEA

It was supposed to be over by now. But of course, it's not. Instead, the G-O-TEA Shutdown has been dragging on for a week.

Despite making private assurances last week that they would end their manufactured crisis soon, House Republican "leaders" are still publicly insisting they will unleash economic havoc on the world if they don't get their ransom way. They may just be delaying in hopes of finding just the right time (the brink of collapse) to shove a solution down the throats of their insane "base". And they may just be trying to win the next news cycle. What's undeniable is that they're crassly playing politics with people's lives.

Late last week, Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Scared) publicly released a thinly veiled jab at Nevada's Republicans in Congress. Why would he throw a good chunk of his own party under the bus? He wanted to save his own behind from that very speeding bus. His campaign must have caught wind of recent post-Shutdown polls... And they must have looked like this.

Rep. Joe Heck (R-"TEA" Curious) has a whole lot riding on the outcome of his party’s Shutdown Sh*tfest. Doesn't he realize this? A new PPP poll was released over the weekend, and it showed Rep. Heck clinging onto a mere 3% lead while stuck under 50%. He's already below his own 2012 finish. How much lower does he want to go?

Earlier this year, many pundits were not expecting Democrats to even make gains in next year's midterm election... Let alone flip control of the House. But if the ugly numbers keep coming in for Republicans, their control of the House may be in serious jeopardy next year. And if that happens, Joe Heck and his political career will be on the front line for 2014.

We've already been exploring the real, painful consequences of this manufactured crisis that the nation is already feeling. But if Republicans continue their manufactured crisis, they may very well pay the price of their irresponsibility. If the insani-TEA continues, the G-O-TEA will have to reckon with the political consequences.

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