Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time's Up

The drama continues... Even though it doesn't have to. We're enduring Day 2 of the G-O-TEA Shutdown manufactured crisis, and people are hurting.

We're already seeing the economic impact. Local businesses are already seeing fewer customers and less revenue. And that's what making folks throughout Nevada even more jittery.

And it's making them angry. Earlier today, constituents gathered outside Rep. Joe Heck's Henderson adjacent district office. Let's just say they were not happy when staffers came down to try to spin away the pain.

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For years, G-O-TEA culture warriors have been demanding manufactured crises. Now, they have caused a real one for the nation. And we're all suffering because of their juvenile political games.

It doesn't have to be this way. Joe Heck and other House Republicans can end this manufactured crisis whenever they want to. Remember that.

They should. And they should act... Like, now. People are angry. And they're suffering. The time for manufactured crises and unnecessary drama is over. In fact, it ended on Monday.

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