Thursday, October 24, 2013

Action v. Obstruction

It happened again today. President Obama called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) and do so soon. After all, they've been talking about it for how many years?

This past summer, the Senate took action. But instead of following suit, the G-O-TEA led House instead manufactured a crisis in order to please their crazy, "TEA" powered base. And Congress had to waste an entire month on finding a solution to the unnecessary manufactured crisis.

But now, conservative and business groups are applying pressure to the House in a last ditch effort to get CIR moving there this year. A critical mass has already developed across the political spectrum for CIR's passage. So why isn't the House moving?

We got the answer back in August, when town hall attendees asked Rep. Joe Heck (R-??!!) on CIR. He hemmed and hawed and mentioned piecemeal bills that have gone nowhere fast. But when he was asked about fictional "OBAMA SCANDALZZZ!!!", he lit up and went into detail on the "accountability" he's been demanding.

It turns out Rep. Heck was just following the G-O-TEA lead. Take a look at what was happening in the House this morning while President Obama was asking them to finish the job on immigration reform.

Oh, yes. That's right. They're still trying to turn a glitchy web site into the "ZOMG!!! OBAMACARE SCANDAL!!!"

Yet while they're still trying to undo health care reform that's now taking effect, we've yet to see if any of their talk on (passing) immigration reform will translate into action. Again, all we've seen from Congressional Republicans so far is even more obstruction. It's up to them to prove to everyone they actually know how to share in the responsibility of governing.

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