Monday, October 21, 2013

(Still) Something Evil in Our Society

Last month, she had to say it. Really, someone had to. Dr. Janis Orlowski had witnessed the carnage of the Navy Yard Shooting, and she couldn't stay silent on what was obvious to her.

And here we are again. Yes, there's been another one. And this time, it's very close to home.

This morning, a student opened fire at Sparks Middle School. He shot dead a teacher who spotted him with the gun, then shot two other victims. He later shot himself dead.

Of course, everyone is sending thoughts and prayers to the community. And of course, that's always much appreciated.

But you know what will also be much appreciated? Action. And by action, I mean action on gun violence.

How many more of these must we endure? How many more people must die? How many more families must mourn?

Fortunately for everyone else at Sparks Middle School, a teacher was willing to lay down his own life to save other lives. But really, should it be acceptable that teachers now have to think of the dangers associated with their career? When did it become acceptable for our schools to resemble battlefields?

Today, we mourn another tragedy. But once again, we must remind ourselves and others that it doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to ignore that "something evil in our society".

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