Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Wrong

As Day 8 of the manufactured crisis full of unnecessary drama rolls on, we're starting to see interesting statements from Nevada's Republicans in Congress. When asked whether he could finally accept the compromise that Republican "leaders" seemed ready to accept just a month ago, Rep. Joe Heck's (R-Huh?) spokesman said his boss typically "never commits on bills before [they reach the] floor, but adds Heck 'has voted for every CR" that has been put on the House floor'.” OK. So what's that supposed to mean?

But wait, there's more. Senator Dean Heller (R-What?) also chimed in today, stating that "it's time to bring Joe Biden back". For what, exactly? Does Senator Heller need the Vice President to personally explain to him the consequences of becoming a "deadbeat nation".

And of course, there's "(Never) Tired of the Drama" Mark Amodei (R-Really?). When KRNV/News 4 Reno viewers asked Rep. Amodei what he was doing to end the Shutdown Sh*tfest, he just lied about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Keep it klassy, Nevada G-O-TEA!

If it seems like Nevada Republicans in DC are looking awfully adrift lately, it's likely because their national party is careening all over the place. They're taking queues from failed comedians and clinging to discredited conspiracy theories. Even some Republicans are now making their private grievances with their party public.

So why is the federal government still shut down? And why are we so perilously close to credit default? Something is wrong with this picture.

There are likely enough votes in the House to stop the insani-TEA and reopen government. So why can't it happen yet? Why are some Republicans talking out of both sides of their mouths while others are simply talking nonsense? And why can't Dean Heller, Joe Heck, and Mark Amodei step forward to put an end to the drama they're supposedly "tired of"?

We can't afford to wait much longer.

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