Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ball's in Their Court

Were you planning to head to Red Rock some time soon? Or Lake Mead? Or maybe even the Grand Canyon or Yosemite? Forget it!

Why? Rep. Joe Heck (R-Born Again TEA-liever) refuses to acknowledge reality. And Rep. Mark Amodei (R-Boo-TEA-licious) is never truly "tired of the drama".

The nation is losing at least $300 million a day in economic output thanks to the G-O-TEA's much desired government shutdown. 800,000 people have needlessly and carelessly been thrown out of work. And the global economy (and America's standing in it) is now at risk.

Just here in Nevada, we're already beginning to feel the effects. From tourism to the military, the federal government plays a major role in holding up the state’s economy. So what are we supposed to do without it?

And why are we at this point now? Why has this manufactured crisis become a real source of pain and suffering? Oh, it's because Reps. Heck & Amodei have joined the rest of the House G-O-TEA Caucus in displaying petulant and downright bratty behavior for the sole purpose of hurting people. And now, they are out to hurt even more people.

Yet as these G-O-TEA sadists keep hurting the Ameeican people, they're also hurting their own political future. That may turn out to be their greatest miscalculation in this whole shutdown gambit. They failed to recognize that people want jobs, parks, passports, and pandas. They don't want an economic catastrophe caused by ideological lunacy.

Remember that Reps. Heck & Amodei can end this manufactured crisis whenever they want. All they have to do is demand a floor vote on the temporary budget extension that already passed the Senate. The ball's in their court.

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