Monday, October 7, 2013

No Way to Compromise

This morning, we examined the very real economic and geopolitical consequences of the manufactured crisis that's quickly becoming a politically induced disaster. Because some "TEA" powered Republicans insist on a ransom for simply reopening the federal government and paying the nation's bills, we're all feeling the pain as Capitol Hill is stuck in a dangerous stalemate.

But of course, Republican spinners in Washington keep trying to convince us otherwise. They claim "Democrats won't compromise". Of course, it's total hogwash.

Last week, Judd Legum perfectly summarized G-O-TEA calls for "compromise" in a single tweet.

Can I burn down your house? 
Just the 2nd floor?
Let's talk about what I can burn down.

Today, President Obama explained this in a more polite way. And not only did he do that, but he also explained how Democrats already compromised by agreeing to the very Republican-approved budget numbers that they were preparing to "declare victory" over last month!

Never before has Congress threatened a credit default to force unilateral concessions from the President. And never before has one party (guess which one) repeatedly denied requests for Conference Committee in order for both Houses of Congress to negotiate on the budget!

Yet now, we're supposed to believe Republicans just want to "compromise"? After denying requests to do just that for six months? And after shutting down the government and threatening default because they want to undo settled law?

It's no one's fault but their own that they refused to make a good faith effort to participate in health care reform four years ago. And Congressional Republicans can't keep holding the nation hostage because their policy proposals have cost them elections. At some point, they must realize that the "small d" democratic process can't work if it's always being held up by small factions making irrational ransom demands. And no, irrational ransom demands are not "calls for compromise".

If Republican "leaders" truly want to "negotiate", then they need to end the hostage crisis by allowing floor votes, actual budget negotiations, and the rest of what we associate with basic governance. What they're doing now is no way to "compromise".

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