Tuesday, October 14, 2014

They Can Run, But They Can't Hide

We had a feeling this was coming. They could run... From the media, from the voters, and from us. However, they couldn't hide from their own record forever.

Ever since the primary election, State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Chicken) has gone into hiding with his hand-picked running mates, Becky Harris (R) and Patricia Farley (R). He's hoping their silence will translate into Republican votes.

But why is the typically garrulous Roberson now so quiet? And why is he keeping his hand-picked running mates so quiet? Now, we have a better sense as to why. Just moments ago, State Senator Justin Jones' (D) reelection campaign dropped this very brutal ad.

And there's a reason why it's so brutal: It's the truth. Back in August, Becky Harris told Steve Sebelius she opposes SB 221, Senator Jones' background checks bill. While Senator Jones has been out front leading the way on curbing senseless gun violence...

Harris has offered nothing but occasional platitudes to the media and empty press releases. That's because she'd rather run as "Generic Republican" than run on her support for the "Ammosexual Agenda".

And speaking of agendas, let's talk about that other agenda Becky Harris has been all too willing to jump on board for. While Senator Jones has been quite vociferous in his support for marriage equality and LGBTQ civil rights in general...

Becky Harris has proudly stood behind the very same usual H8 filled suspects who have continually fought hard against any & all LGBTQ civil rights. She even took part in their campaign for the Question 2 marriage ban in 2000 & 2002!

But wait, there's more. Earlier this year, Becky Harris refused to respond to a Planned Parenthood PAC questionnaire. Is that because she didn't want to tell them about her work in the Utah Legislature? Is that because she doesn't want to admit to supporting the usual H8 filled suspects' War on Women? (FYI, Senator Jones earned a 100% score from Planned Parenthood's Nevada PAC earlier this year.)

It's easy to run around town spouting empty platitudes about being "not your typical Republican". It's much harder to have to defend that claim against an extensive track record proving otherwise. Michael Roberson & Becky Harris can run away as they want to, but they can't hide from their own G-O-TEA record forever.

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