Monday, October 13, 2014

The Latest (@NVGOP) "Culture War" FAIL

Love is in the air. And cash is coming into the wallets. Now that Nevada finally has full legal marriage equality, Nevada businesses are benefiting from all that love in the air. After all, Las Vegas is "The Wedding Capital of the World"!

Of course, this is of no surprise to faithful readers here who've known for some time how lucrative marriage equality will be for The Silver State. However, it's still somehow a surprise for those who don't listen to us.

Case in point: Adam Laxalt (R). While he's still begging for "gifts", he continues to oppose civil rights for LGBTQ Nevadans. He's even tried attacking his general election opponent, Ross Miller (D), over Laxalt's own "political issues".

Another case in point: Barbara Cegavske (R). She repeatedly voted against LGBTQ civil rights (including marriage equality & domestic partnership) while serving in the Nevada Legislature. She proudly introduced a Koch backed "License to Discriminate" bill in the Legislature last year. And even now, she's still promoting a voter suppression agenda that threatens to disenfranchise thousands of transgender Nevadans if enacted.

Oh, and let's not forget these other fine cosponsors of that "License to Discriminate" bill: Cresent Hardy (R) & Mark Hutchison (R). Hardy can never have enough "segregation laws", yet Hutchison has barely uttered a peep on his "religious freedom" agenda since Thursday.

And then, we have US Senator Dean Heller (R) & Rep. Joe Heck (R). Since Thursday, they've been saying this (footage below).

Don't Republicans always say they're the "pro-business party"? So why aren't they happy about all this new business coming to Nevada?

Wait, is this more "Republican rebranding"? Might this be the new rallying cry for "libertarian populism"? Or are we just witnessing another G-O-TEA attempt to obscure another of its "Culture War" losses? (Our money is on the latter.)

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