Monday, July 8, 2013

No More Names

It may be gone for now, but it's far from forgotten. When Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NRA) vetoed SB 221 last month, the gun lobby declared "Mission Accomplished". They did the same in April, when US Senator Dean Heller (R-NRA) joined in the Senate filibuster of (very) modest federal gun safety reform legislation.

What they failed to realize is that gun safety advocates refuse to give up. They want no more names. And that's why the Demand Action campaign and local activists gathered at Paradise Park today. They wanted to remember those who have recently died due to gun violence, and they were ready to call again for action to demand no more names are added to this list.

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Yep, these people showed up at Paradise Park on a hot Monday morning. They baked under the sun... And sent a message to Nevada's Members of Congress, especially those who promised to take action but ultimately did not. (We're looking at you, Senator Heller and Rep. Joe Heck [R-???].)

And not only that, but a few Nevada legislators also showed up to ask Nevada's Members of Congress to do what Governor Sandoval refused to do. Assembly Member Ellen Spiegel (D-Henderson) began the rally by sharing her harrowing personal story of gun violence. She clearly had this in mind when she voted for SB 221. Why should other Nevadans face such unnecessary risk?

State Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise) also addressed the audience. He fought hard to pass SB 221. And against so many odds, it passed the full Legislature. But then, Governor Sandoval vetoed this bill to expand background checks for gun purchases. Senator Jones had choice words for Governor Sandoval, the gun lobby, and Nevada's Members of Congress who have yet to deliver on their promise to support the most basic of gun violence prevention measures.

And then, the group began reading names (of those who died due to gun violence). Ultimately, they were the reasons for today’s event. And they keep us asking why we allow this unbridled bloodshed to continue.

It happened at a "Congress on Your Corner" in Tucson. It happened at an IHOP in Carson City. It happened in a gated community in Sanford. It happened at a theater in Aurora. It happened at an elementary school in Newtown. It happened right here on the Las Vegas Strip. And it continues to happen all across the country.

Can we afford more? Do we want more names added to this roster?

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