Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Color Us Unimpressed

They're here! They're here. Yep, they made it. However, their opponents did not.

Last night, State Senator Justin Jones (D-Enterprise) and Assembly Member Marilyn Dondero Loop (D-Spring Valley) were set to debate their Republican opponents in their respective State Senate races on Ralston Reports. They showed up... But their opponents did not.

Last night, State Senator Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) had the opportunity to disprove the critics who've been calling his hand-picked running mates "spineless" for taking his marching orders to hide from the general public. He had the chance to prove to everyone that he & his hand-picked running mates have nothing to hide. But instead, all we heard from the reclusive Republicans was this.

Oh, and this. No really, Roberson apparently believes it's OK to leak internal poll numbers in lieu of actually appearing in public to answer questions from constituents. Does he actually expect us to believe it's OK for him and his hand-picked running mates to avoid public contact because his hand-picked running mates are "WINNING!!!"?

Not so fast. That poll is from Tarrance Group. Oh, yes. That's right. This poll is from the same firm that claimed Meg Whitman (R) was tied with Jerry Brown in the 2010 California Governor race (she ended up losing by 13%), and that Carly Fiorina (R) was tied with Barbara Boxer (D) in California's US Senate race that year (Fiorina ended up losing by 10%). In October 2012, Tarrance Group notoriously released a poll showing Danny Tarkanian (R) clobbering Steven Horsford (D) by 10% in NV-04 (Tark ended up losing by 8%). In addition, Tarrance released polls showing Republicans close behind or ahead in House races in California, Iowa, and New York... And those races were all won by Democrats in November 2012.

So Senator Roberson shouldn't be gloating right now. Even if "We predict 52-47 ROMNEY!!!" Tarrance Group had a decent reputation, it's never acceptable to substitute poll numbers for debate appearances. But since Roberson can't even release trustworthy poll numbers in lieu of releasing his hand-picked running mates, all we have to say is this. Sorry, but that is not how to properly remove a wig during a lip sync.

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