Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Normally, we don't do this. Normally, we don't post this kind of material here. But today, we must make an exception.

So here goes.

(Images courtesy of the Nevada State Democratic Party.)

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After he took a quick post-primary victory lap (as in not even reaching 60% against an underfunded opponent), State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) suddenly clammed up. But why? He's become world renowned (well, among Carson City politicos) for his loquacious ways. What changed?

Now, we're hearing that he and his "hand picked candidates" are dropping out of debates. And not only that, but they're even avoiding debates hosted by Senator Roberson's favorite media pundit. What changed?

Is Senator Michael Roberson (R) too afraid to discuss his own record? Is Becky Harris (R) too afraid to explain where she stands on any issue (along with where she lives)? Is Patricia Farley too afraid to even reveal herself to local media?

What are they afraid of? Why are they now chickening away from any sort of public scrutiny? A while ago, the above mentioned media pundit claimed they were not hiding from media scrutiny, but rather taking time to be "groomed" before entering the media spotlight. So where are they now? And why are they even refusing to do his show?

"Not your typical Republican(s)"? No, this is very typical behavior. In fact, this is typical for any politician of any stripe who has something to hide.

And we know exactly why they're all in hiding. It's far easier to blanket the Las Vegas Valley with glossy mailers and glitzy A-frame signs than to meet the voters and face local media. And it's more convenient for them to continue beating their prized dead horse (via their campaign ads) than to actually explain their real policy plans.

We get what they're doing, but we won't let them get away with their ridiculous game of chicken.

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