Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just What Is "Rebranding"?

We're still playing/enduring "the waiting game" here. We're waiting for the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals to issue a decision in Sevcik v. Sandoval. And we're waiting to see if the US Supreme Court takes any marriage equality cases for next spring's session.

Yet while we've been waiting for the courts, we haven't had to wait for action in the political arena. Across the nation, momentum for LGBTQ civil rights continues. However, that momentum hasn't been across the board or completely across the spectrum.

In various hot Congressional races across the nation, G-O-TEA candidates continue to campaign on an anti-equality platform. And right here in Nevada, top G-O-TEA candidates like NV-04 hopeful Cresent Hardy (R) and Attorney General hopeful Adam Laxalt (R) continue to make "segregation laws" their premier "political issue".

Perhaps they and others see this as a mere "political issue". But for so many of us, it's not some political football. It's real life... And real love.

And in some cases, sadly, it's a matter of life & death.

Even today, discrimination is still "the norm" in far too many corners of this nation. And certain G-O-TEA politicians want us to believe discrimination is OK... So long as it's "rebranded" as "religious freedom". But no matter what they want to call it, it's still wrongful discrimination.

They even want to prevent many of us from voting. Yes, you read that right. And yes, Secretary of State hopeful Barbara Cegavske (R) is on record supporting the very kind of voter suppression that could disenfranchise thousands of legal Nevada voters if enacted.

While we continue waiting for the courts' respective decisions, we're also waiting for G-O-TEA politicians to get real about their party's "rebranding". News flash: "Rebranding" means nothing if it's just a repackaging of the same old H8.

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