Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"It's Over."

It always feels so good to be validated. But how are we supposed to feel when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) validates us? Well, this is why we're feeling quite awkward this morning.

But hey, he said it: "It's over." And he's correct about this.

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court green-lighted marriage equality in Wisconsin, Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Utah by denying petitions for appeal in their respective marriage cases. And because the Court let these appellate court rulings stand, marriages may soon begin in even more states. Already, Colorado Attorney General John Suther (R) stood down and ordered all 64 Colorado county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses as soon as possible, so marriages are now even happening there.

Just a year ago, marriage equality in Utah was unimaginable. But now, it's reality.

And eventually, it will be reality here in Nevada. Just don't tell Nevada Republican luminaries Adam Laxalt & Cresent Hardy. For them, "segregation laws" always make great "political issues". And yes, they still have plenty of company in the Nevada Republican Party.

Oh, and don't tell the religious wrong. They're still condemning the US Supreme Court for striking down (back in 2003!) state laws that pushed police officers into people's bedrooms. And of course, they're condemning yesterday's Supreme (in)action as "unconstitutional". Clearly, they're still in need of "basic plumbing lessons" on Constitutional law... Along with a general reality check.

Apparently, they haven't received Scott Walker's memo yet. It's over. Yes, truly, it's over.

Well, OK, it's not completely over yet. It won't be until we have marriage equality nationwide. But in terms of the political "optics" (that certain media pundits love to talk about), it's over. Sorry, H8ers.

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