Monday, October 6, 2014

"People's Branch of Government"

We found them! They're here! They really do exist!

And here's what they have to say: Nothing. No, really. They're still saying nothing.

When spotted exiting a high dollar fundraiser, State Senate candidate Patricia Farley (R) replied with a mere "thank you" when asked her positions on important issues like gun safety and women's health care.

But hey, at least she politely refused to answer any public policy questions from the hoi polloi. When Becky Harris was asked, she just had her "paid muscle" shout "NO!" at the camera, then put his hand on the camera, then swiftly escort her away. Keep it klassy, Becky!

But hey, at least top secret Nevada Republican candidates Patricia Farley and Becky Harris finally appeared in front of any camera. We're still awaiting the return of State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R) to the public view. We know he has time to accept fake awards. Why doesn't he have time to debate Teresa Lowry on his favorite media pundit's TV show?

No wonder why even one "newspaper" columnist called Roberson and his hand-picked running mates "spineless". They refuse to debate. They refuse to answer any questions in public. They won't even come clean on what they actually stand for.

So why are they even running for office? Have they even looked at the job description for the office they're seeking? Right on top of the Nevada Legislature's web site is this slogan: "The People's Branch of Government". Roberson, Harris, and Farley are all running to serve in this "People's Branch of Government". Each of them is running to serve roughly 129,000 people in Carson City.

So why aren't they acting like it? Why are they hiding? If they want to represent people in state government, they need to stop hiding from the very people they're asking for votes.

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