Thursday, October 9, 2014

All Too Real

Anyone who knows us well knows our origins. Yes, "Home Means Nevada" today. However, this is not where we originally came from.

We'll admit, we migrated here from Orange County. Yes, that Orange County... No, scratch that. We actually grew up in the part of the county where people tend not to throw wine at each other at "classy parties".

Sadly, most people in OC have far more "real" lives in that. And unfortunately in Santa Ana, sh-t got very real in a not-funny-at-all way.

Long story short, concerned citizens showed up at a Santa Ana City Council meeting. And one individual showed up with a portable camera and a hat that made a very bold fashion statement. The Mayor then summoned the police to clear out the building, even though there was no violence present.

Actually, those Santa Ana residents were irritated over a growing pattern of police brutality in Orange County's seat of government. In June, immigrant resident Edgar Vargas was brutally beaten by Santa Ana Police. The FBI is now investigating the case. And while the Orange County District Attorney's Office is still pursuing an attempted burglary charge against Edgar Vargas, it's dropped all other charges while ICE has dropped its deportation case against him.

This is not even the only police brutality case in our original homeland. We actually grew up in Tustin, a usually quiet middle-class suburb just to the east of Santa Ana. But when Robert Villa was shot dead by Tustin Police this past February, the city was anything but quiet.

And both these cases come less than three years after another Orange County city, Fullerton, was ripped apart over the police shooting Kelly Thomas dead. See, Ferguson isn't the only place in America where this is happening.

In fact, it's also happened here. But so far, both candidates for Clark County Sheriff seem to be ignoring this matter. Never mind that Metro Police is being sued over its trigger happy ways. And never mind that we may still not know the full scope of this not-so-little problem at Metro.

For us, "Home Means Nevada" today. Here is where we call home. It would just be nice to know we can actually trust those who swear to protect & serve our community. It would be nice to know we won't be at risk of arrest or serious injury just for wearing a hat that makes a very bold fashion statement. We probably won't ever actually do it, but we want to make sure the constitutional rights of those who do it are respected.

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