Thursday, May 30, 2013


On Tuesday, the Assembly held a very heated and emotionally charged hearing on SB 221. Within hours of that hearing, Senator Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) dropped SB 520. It's supposed to be the Republican answer to Senator Justin Jones' (D-Enterprise) background checks bill. And of course, SB 520 doesn't expand background checks for gun purchases (while SB 221 does).

Funny enough, neither Senator Roberson nor Governor Brian Sandoval (R) wants to discuss the details of SB 520. And of course, they don't want to explain why they want to kill SB 221. And this is why the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Demand Action campaign is taking to TV airwaves.

The Nevada Republican Party has joined with the NRA and various "tea party" groups to kill SB 221. And of course, Governor Sandoval and Senator Roberson are deferring to them over the 86% of Nevadans who want expanded background checks.

So now, they're getting push-back. And that's not all. We'll also see a very important arrival in Carson City tomorrow.

RalstonReports: Just got robocall from Mark Kelly, who will be in Carson City on Friday to push gun control bill, telling me to call my assemblyman. #nvleg

Remember Mark Kelly?

Get ready for some serious push-back this weekend.

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