Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why Your Vote Matters

This has been nothing short of awkward. And now, it's starting to become quite scary. What on earth is going on here?

Most polls (particularly the credible ones) haven't shown it. The campaigns weren't behaving like this was the case... At least not until very recently. And we've heard plenty of credible reports from the field that didn't indicate this at all.

So why have so few Nevadans voted so far? That's the question on nearly everyone's mind.

Already, we've seen speculation of why turnout has been so damned low. Has the lack of a traditional "top of the ticket" been keeping voters away from the polls? Are people not voting as some sort of strange "protest (non)vote"? Is there something else that's causing this very anemic turnout?

We believe there are several factors. We know Clark County has been slow (again) to send sample ballots. We know there are no Presidential or high-profile statewide campaigns pushing hard to bank early votes. And we know the 2014 election cycle has already revealed some strange dynamics.

But ultimately, this election matters. Don't listen to media pundits trying to convince you otherwise. And don't even try to convince yourself that "voting doesn't matter".

In case you're still wondering why your vote matters, talk to people in Pennsylvania who are wondering why it's still legal in their state to shoot live pigeons, cook cats & dogs for dinner, and discriminate against LGBTQ workers. Go ahead and talk to people in Wisconsin about how hard it is to make ends meet because their state government cares more about restricting women's health care than paying ensuring those who work hard can earn a living wage. Try talking to people in North Carolina about how and why it's become so difficult to access access reproductive health care, make ends meet, or even cast a ballot (ironically enough). And please, please talk to those unfortunate souls in states where their respective governments rejected Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

Still wondering why your vote matters? Karl Rove and his "TEA Party, Inc." besties are hoping you don't vote. That's because they're hoping they can start doing here in Nevada what they've been "accomplishing" in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, and elsewhere.

Right now, they're jumping for joy over the early vote numbers. That really says a lot. And that should easily dispel any questions on whether your vote matters this year.

If you've just been taking your time to study the whole ballot, we preemptively apologize for this rant. As long as you vote, we're happy. Just remember that early voting ends this Friday.

And for everyone else, pay attention. Realize what's at stake now. And then... Well, now you know just how much your vote matters.

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