Monday, October 20, 2014

Why "No Comment"?

Today, our big "H/T of the Day Award" goes to the one & only Gleaner himself, Hugh Jackson. What else are we supposed to add to this?

Well of course, we can always add this:

And now, ProgressNow Nevada Action and Progressive Kick are adding this. Becky Harris (R) has been trying her best to hide from the voters since June, along with her running mates Patricia Farley (R) and Michael Roberson (R). They're all running for State Senate (and in Roberson's case, running for reelection), yet none of them has spoken to anyone in the press since August and all of them have have been severely limiting public exposure since June. Why?

Perhaps ProgressNow is onto something. Who is Becky Harris? While we've been doing plenty of sleuthing ourselves to uncover her radical G-O-TEA allegiances, ProgressNow has uncovered even more damning evidence. She testified not only against marriage equality, but also domestic partnerships (??!!), at the Nevada Legislature in 2001. She even endorsed "conversion therapy", the horrifically dangerous practice of attempting to "pray the gay away" from LGBTQ people. So why are we now supposed to believe Becky Harris won't (again) pursue what she's already gone to Carson City to advocate?

But wait, there's more. Last week, we told you about Becky Harris' internship at the Utah Legislature during the early 1990s. Back then, she took part in crafting anti-choice legislation. Now we know she took part in creating the infamous Utah law that would have threatened 15 year prison sentences for doctors performing abortions... If the US Supreme Court hadn't overturned that and other severe state level abortion restrictions in 1992. But now that the religious right wrong is waging another War on Women, we're again at risk of seeing women's reproductive rights taken away. How do we know Becky Harris won't join in (again)?

And of course, we all remember Becky Harris' now infamous August interview with Steve Sebelius. Funny enough, this was her very last media appearance before "The Blackout". Perhaps that's because Becky Harris let it slip that she's vehemently against even modest legislation to close Nevada's background check loopholes that allow dangerous criminals to get their hands on very dangerous weapons. According to Harris, it's more important to argue over the definition of "transfer" than to keep dangerous firearms away from the next Jerad Miller and Christopher Dorner.

All this helps explain why Becky Harris' spokespeople (and their boss, Michael Roberson) are making "No Comment". They don't want you to know her real record. They don't want you to know what she really wants to do in Carson City. So Roberson is keeping Harris in hiding in hopes they can trick the voters of Senate District 9 into electing her.

Perhaps Roberson's operatives think they can enjoy some "political trick-or-treat-ing" here, but voters deserve better. They deserve to know what Becky Harris is actually running on. And they deserve far more than "No Comment".

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