Monday, October 27, 2014

Farley's Closet

They can run, but they can't hide. Ever since primary season concluded, State Senate Republican Leader Michael Roberson has been trying hard to convince everyone that he and his hand-picked running mates are "not your typical Republicans"... By hiding from public view. We're trying to remember the last time Senator Roberson spent this much time away from the media spotlight.

But why are he and his hand-picked running mates staying so far away from the media spotlight? Last week, we took a closer look at Becky Harris (R). And today, we're taking a closer look at Patricia Farley (R).

At first glance, Farley actually looks like "not your typical Republican". After all, she did preside over the board of AFAN (or Aid for AIDS in Nevada). How many Republican candidates have a record like this?

But wait, what really happened during Farley's tenure at AFAN? ProgressNow Nevada and Progressive Kick are back with a very well sourced report on Patricia Farley's history at AFAN (when she was known as Patricia Saavedra), as well as her positions on other key issues.

We distinctly remember this period of turmoil at AFAN. It ultimately led to painful fissures in Southern Nevada's LGBTQ community as people began asking questions on where the money was going, who was being treated (& who wasn't), and why so many staffers were being thrown out.

Back then, Patricia Farley spoke out and defended her organization. Why won't she do the same now? She occasionally issues press releases alluding to her service at AFAN, but she hasn't answered any questions on AFAN's finances and human resources policy since she announced her campaign for State Senate. Why is that? She now wants to have authority over the State of Nevada's budget. Shouldn't voters have the opportunity to know more about Farley's oversight of AFAN's budget?

No wonder why it seems like Michael Roberson is keeping himself, along with Patricia Farley & Becky Harris, hidden in some secret closet at some undisclosed location.

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