Friday, October 10, 2014

Bye, Felicia.

It doesn't get any better than this. When a few vocal curmudgeons howled in protest over this Reno Gazette Journal cover, RGJ editor Brian Duggan responded with this:

Dear people complaining about today's front page: I chose that photo to run on the cover and I'd do it again. Kthxbye

Overall, that was quite the good read. But because we're awfully shady b-tchez, we thought of the perfect response.

Look, hunties. We get it. Not everyone is happy about marriage equality coming to Nevada. But come on, grrl. Just because they want a temper tantrum doesn't mean they have the right to spoil the party for all the rest of us.

News flash: They're not the only people in the world. Hell, they're not even the majority any more. Who do they think they are? Beyonce? Oh, hellz to the no!

Now that the usual H8 filled suspects no longer have a law suit to fight, they have to find something else to fill their time with. So now, they're trolling.

This isn't the first time they trolled. They've just become far more pathetic in doing so over the past five years.

And all we have to say about it is...


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