Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney Sends Perry to Nevada. Sorry, But We'd Rather Have the Truth.

Today, none other than Rick Perry will be returning to Nevada to open Mitt Romney's new Elko campaign office! Remember him? Oh yes, Rick Perry really made his BFF Brian Sandoval proud!

And now, Perry is set to appear in Elko to speak up for his new BFF, Mitt Romney. Remember what Perry said about Romney earlier this year? I don't think he wants you to.

Why? See for yourself.

Apparently, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry committed "the unforgivable sin": They "released the kraken" that is Mitt Romney's dirtiest secret, and the GOP establishment is demanding they stuff that genie back in the bottle and toss it out to sea. Too bad for them that genies like this one really can't be recaptured and contained. This one will indeed be coming back to haunt the G-O-TEA this fall. [...]

It also speaks volumes that the RNC is begging its own not to mention Mitt Romney's stint at Bain Capital, and that Romney himself says that matters of economic injustice are only allowed to be discussed "in quiet rooms". [...]

Again, the contrast couldn't be any greater. Romney profits off government sponsored corporate welfare, then he says discussions of economic inequality are all "about envy". Romney lies about President Obama's economic record, then his GOP establishment surrogates throw a temper tantrum when anyone tries to tell the truth about Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital. And we're supposed to believe he can boost job creation as US President?

Romney is clearly angry that this election may very well be decided on matters of economic inequality... Especially since he's the one who stands to lose the most from it.

Oh, dear. I had a hunch this story wouldn't die in January. But my goodness, I didn't know my words from then would turn out to be this prophetic.

Now, Mitt Romney is backtracking and claiming these are all just pesky lies. It's too bad for Mittens that Mitt Romney himself has confirmed his role at Bain Capital early last decade. And not only that, but Romney still had an active role at Bain!

If you're still wondering why this is such a big deal, remember that Romney wants to be absolved of any and all responsibility for Bain's more unsavory business practices, such as the gutting of American companies that had created American jobs, as well as the outsourcing of those jobs overseas. If Romney indeed was still CEO and sole stockholder in Bain Capital all the way to 2002, as SEC documents now show, then he has to take responsibility for those unsavory business practices that now threaten his Presidential Campaign.

And here's why this is his worst nightmare: It's all too deja vu for Mittens.

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And especially since none other than Rick Perry was alluding to this during the G-O-TEA primary season, he won't have an easy time shrugging this off in Elko today. Again, remember that Rick Perry himself denounced Mitt Romney's vulture capitalism! Are we all supposed to forget that now? I think not.

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