Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bienvenidos, Biden. (& Ay Yay Yay, Romney.)

In case you were wondering what all the hubbub at Mandalay Bay has been about, it's because the National Council of La Raza (the largest Latin@ civil rights group in the nation) has been in in town since last weekend. And today, they will be receiving a very special guest with a very important message.

“Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers,” [Vice President Joe] Biden plans to say, according to prepared remarks. “But he won’t show us his.” [...]

Biden also plans to tell the Hispanic civil rights advocates gathered that the election is a battle between those who want Hispanics to be a part of America and those who want to keep them at a distance.

“There are voices among us who fear your inclusion. This is not new,” Biden says in the remarks. “There have always been fights between the voices of inclusion and the voices of exclusion.”

It’s clear from the speech which side Biden thinks Romney’s on.

"Imagine what the Supreme Court will look like after four years of Governor Romney. Imagine what it will act like. Imagine what it will mean for civil rights, voting rights, and so much we have fought so hard for. Imagine a Justice Department that supports, rather than challenges, continued efforts to suppress the right to vote. Because that’s what will happen if they win."

This is the two pronged argument we discussed back in April. It's bad enough that Mitt Romney wants to end Medicare as we know it, slash Pell Grants and other college financial aid to death, and do even more to destroy the social safety net that's helped build and protect America's middle class. It's even worse that Romney has embraced ugly xenophobia and used it to further his political career.

After all, this just happened earlier this year!

And as we discussed yesterday, this is why Republicans are especially in trouble here in Nevada. Our population isn't just growing, but it's also transforming. We're becoming a more diverse state, especially as Latino and Asian-American communities are fueling the growth here.

So if you're wondering why Joe Biden is here in Vegas today, now you know.

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