Thursday, July 19, 2012

NV-Sen/NV-03: Why Field Matters

You know what? We're quite fortunate to live in a swing state. We have a front row seat to the kind of campaigning that most Americans actually aren't seeing. It's quite exciting, really.

Well, maybe it's not that exciting for Nevada Republicans and "Tea Party, Inc." Their own poll shows bad news for them as the AFP "tea Party" bus is about to land in Las Vegas tomorrow. And even worse for them, Nevada Democrats are cranking up the field machine.

Here, take a look for yourself. While "tea partiers" were busy partying on their Koch funded tour bus, Nevada Democrats were busy working at their Henderson field office.

As we've discussed before, the Democratic field operation has been humming along nicely this year. Yet while Democrats have been registering new voters and persuading current voters, Nevada Republicans are busy getting a divorce. The big G-O-TEA poobahs know this, and that's why they're desperate to find another way to get an advantage.

That's why Dean Heller has to find ways to smear his opposition. That's why Joe Heck has really been in the hot seat lately. And that's why Mitt Romney is so worried about Nevada.

It's bad enough that they're such flawed candidates who have trouble even exciting their own G-O-TEA base. It's even worse that they don't have good records to run on. And now, what really frightens them is that they don't actually have the troops on the ground necessary to win.

Any good campaign consultant will stress the importance of field. That's why Nevada Democrats have invested so much in it. And that's why they're always busy recruiting more volunteers to go to the office. And that's why those volunteers get busy making calls as soon as they walk in. Field matters. And even with "Tea Party, Inc." spending so many millions of dollars on slimy TV ads, they still can't win if they're getting out-worked in the field. That's "the dirty little secret" of campaigning that's often forgotten, especially by many in the media.

We've already received quite a bit of attention from the national media lately. They're trying to figure out what "the state of the race" looks like here in Nevada. If they really want to figure it out, then all they need to do is look at the field.

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