Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Got Accomplished Today in Congress (Nothing)

Congratulations, @RepJoeHeck. You succeeded in another vote on another attempt to replace good policy with slimy politics. Today's vote was Congressional Republicans' 33rd attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

What's really hilarious about this is that Heck and other "TEA" fueled Republicans claim the Affordable Care Act is unprecedented "SOESHULIZZZM!!!!!!!" No, really. Never mind that it's largely based upon the REPUBLICAN alternative to Bill Clinton's 1994 health care plan and the Massachusetts health care reform that MITT ROMNEY signed into law. That always gives me a good chuckle. When did Republicans start calling their own proposals "SOESHULIZZZM!!!!!!!!!!"?

And again, why must this keep happening over and over again? Steve Benen reminds us of the true insanity of today's House schedule.

But it's the sheer repetition that really rankles. While House Republicans haven't even voted on any major jobs bills this entire Congress, today marked the 33rd time the House GOP felt compelled to try to gut "Obamacare," apparently because votes 1 through 32 were too subtle. Jamison Foser pointed to this great scene from "A Few Good Men," which helped summarize the problem.

As for the policy, let's also not forget that literally House Republican today voted to take away health coverage for young adults staying on their family plans, raise prescription drug prices for seniors, end protections for those with pre-existing conditions, reinstate lifetime insurance caps, scrap tax breaks for small businesses, raise the deficit, and take benefits away from 30 million Americans, all as part of a repeal crusade they can't pass.

There has to be better uses for Congress' time.

So what's being done on job creation? What's being done on immigration reform? What's being done on climate change? What's being done on the multitude of other important issues facing our country now? Why are Republicans in Congress wasting so much time on f*cking up health care? And why are Nevada Republicans applauding Joe Heck, Mark Amodei, and Dean Heller for doing this? How does this benefit anyone?

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