Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Just Went There. & He'll Regret It.

So far this week, Mitt Romney's campaign has been desperate to change the subject. Since it's so hard for him to come clean about his own record at Bain Capital, his campaign must shift focus onto something else. So of course, they're giving winks and nods to crazy birther conspiracies as they call President Obama "foreign" and "un-American".

In remarks that played on debunked assertions about President Obama's birthplace, Mitt Romney on Tuesday said that the current administration resembled foreign governments and one of his chief surrogates said the president needed to "learn how to be an American."

The remarks — former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu later apologized for the latter comment — came as Romney tried to change the subject from calls for his tax returns and questions about the length of his tenure at the venture firm Bain Capital. Both issues have fueled sustained attacks from Democrats and even some Romney allies.

Standing before hundreds of supporters in a sweltering oil and natural gas services company outside Pittsburgh, Romney compared Obama's administration to those in foreign lands where the well-connected receive government handouts while the middle-class suffers.

It's obvious what Romney is trying to do. He wants to distract from his own Bain-troversy by conjuring up that favorite teabagger image of President Obama as "The Evil MOSLEM SOE'SHUL-IST Boogie-man from Kenya!!!!" Romney wants to deflect from the firestorm surrounding the very business record he likes to brag about by repeating verbatim what Rush Limbaugh and the RedState bloggers tell him to say.

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Romney must really think this is a winning strategy. After all, he's trying so hard to simultaneously win over working-class white voters while trying to gin up enthusiasm among the G-O-TEA base. However, there's a problem with Romney's strategy. While he's using identity politics to try to drive a wedge between Obama and the white working class, Romney is driving a wedge between himself and the fast growing pool of minority voters who will tip the balance here in Nevada and elsewhere. Don't believe me? Believe the new Lake Research poll showing Obama leading Romney 54% to 29% among Nevada's Asian-American voters. And believe the brand new national Latino Decisions poll showing Obama with a whopping 70% to 22% (!!!) lead over Romney.

If Romney really thinks this kind of ugly race baiting will help him win this fall, then he's in for a very rude awakening. When Romney denigrates Obama as "foreign" and "un-American", he's spitting on all of America's communities of color by suggesting that "skinny black/brown/yellow kids with funny names" aren't worthy of The White House. And that's just plain disgusting.

Does Mitt Romney even get that? Meh. That's a clown question, bro.

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  1. How about a little investigative info on Sankaty; it appears to be an offshore Hedge Fund and money laundering vehicle. Romney just gets better and better.