Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pride Comes Before the Fall

Earlier today, I was reminded of Proverbs 16:18 in The Old Testament of The Bible. Yes, I just said that. It rings quite true.

And why am I saying this now? Did you read this love letter to Dean Heller in Politico (DC's version of the typical trashy celebrity gossip rag)?

Heller’s no-nonsense but supremely confident team — led by veteran Nevada consultant Mike Slanker and Mac Abrams, a North Carolina native with a Southern drawl — note that Berkley’s favorable rating remains upside down, even after she’s spent more than a million dollars on advertising.

Ah, yes. They seem awfully "supremely confident".

Pride comes before the fall.

It looks like Dean Heller's "supremely confident" campaign consultants don't mind Nevada Democrats' rebounding voter registration advantage, Nevada Democrats' superior ground game, the all around clusterfuck that the Nevada Republican Party has become, and/or the "tea party" bus wreck that is now at risk of self-destruction just as Heller counts on them to turn out his voters. Wow. Dean Heller's campaign consultants are awfully "supremely confident" despite the reality on the ground.

And funny enough, I was on the ground at the same time as the Politico reporter. I was obviously at the AFP bus wreck last Thursday, but I was also at the Nevada State Democratic Party's Henderson field office last Wednesday. And frankly, I find it funny how a conversation with Dean Heller's professional spin team matters more than all the actual facts on the ground.

Pride comes before the fall.

For all the "supreme confidence" bursting at Dean Heller's campaign headquarters, their own actions tell a different story. Why are they stooping to new lows to smear Shelley Berkley? Why did AFP's own internal poll show Heller only barely ahead of Berkley? Why won't Heller run on his record? For all the "supreme confidence" emanating from Dean Heller's campaign, their actions so far this summer suggest something else.

Or perhaps, pride comes before the fall.

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