Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reno to Briefly Take Center of World Stage (& Presidential Campaign)

In case today's festivities here in Vegas aren't exciting enough for you, get ready for even more excitement later this month. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are confirmed to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno at the end of the month. And in a departure from the constant focus on domestic issues, foreign policy may finally take center stage as they speak.

Oh, and did I mention this will be happening in Reno?

We all now know what President Obama has done on foreign policy. He's gotten rid of Osama bin Laden and weakened al-Qaeda. He provided a key supportive role in aiding "The Arab Spring" uprisings that allowed the people of the Middle East to claim democracy for their own society. He's moved to bring together the world community in taking on Iran's desire for nuclear weapons. He's ended the Iraq War. And he's moved us beyond the "Cold War" in bringing agreement to cut in half the number of American and Russian missle launchers.

That's quite a lot. Mitt Romney will have a tough act to follow, since his biggest "accomplishment" so far is talking up WAR with Iran and taking advice from the same people who urged George W. Bush to go to war in Iraq. Even worse, Romney's foreign policy department is a total clusterf**k. Some Republicans are now breaking away from Romney on climate change and demanding that conservatives cut the "flat earth" cap and engage with the rest of the world in dealing with reality. All in all, it's so bad that world leaders fear Romney's lack of knowledge and bombastic rhetoric could cause a global crisis.

Whoa. That's bad. And did I mention that Romney and Obama will be speaking in Reno later this month? Who would have guessed that Reno would be center stage in what should be a telling week on the campaign trail as Mitt Romney will have to elaborate on his foreign policy while President Obama talks about what he's already done.

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