Thursday, July 19, 2012

NV-Sen: Why "Tea Party" Abandoned Its Own Rally

Today was supposed to be the big "Coming Out Day" for Nevada's "tea party", as the Nevada offshoot of the Koch funded astroturf campaign launched its bus tour with a protest in front of Shelley Berkley's Congressional Office. They were preparing for great turnout as they cranked up the loud country music, handed out free donuts, and lined up speakers.

However, they ran into a little problem this morning. Unfortunately for them, Nevada's "tea party" got crashed. Shelley Berkley's campaign, the Nevada State Democratic Party, ProgressNow Nevada, and local unions all brought in well over 100 volunteers to swarm the AFP bus. Here's what it looked like.

And here's what happened when AFP Nevada director Adam Stryker tried to pump up the (very) few "tea party" faithful who showed up. He gave up after he realized he was being drowned out by the progressive protesters!

Then in what had to be the ultimate humiliation, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police asked AFP Nevada to leave the premises. (They probably failed to obtain a proper permit to do their event.) So under threat of citation and embarrassment from being out-organized by Nevada Democrats and progressive groups, AFP Nevada left the parking lot by Shelley Berkley's Congressional Office in total disgrace.

Again, today was supposed to be the teabaggers' big day! They lined up the media. AFP & Dean Heller's campaign tried to turn out their troops. And they were preparing to dominate the media with their attempt to deflect questions about Dean Heller's record.

Instead, AFP was far outnumbered by Shelley Berkley supporters and they ended up having to abandon their own event under order by local police! Did the teabaggers really fail to do their homework this badly? Remember what we discussed this morning. Nevada Democrats clearly prepared by reaching into the grassroots and turning out supporters early this morning. If the "tea party" can't even launch their own bus tour, how are they supposed to win Nevada for Mitt Romney and Dean Heller this fall?

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