Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yes, I Did the Damboree This Year.

After enjoying a brief hiatus last year, I again did the Boulder City Damboree Parade this year. This time, Nevada Democrats were walking with Shelley Berkley and John Oceguera. As you can see below, the crowd was pretty friendly and the candidates were happy to work the crowd.

It's always a treat to stop by charming Boulder City. It's even better when the locals are happy to accept visitors. And from what I saw earlier today, Nevada Democratic volunteers received a warm reception.

Shelley Berkley had a float in the front of the parade, just behind Joe Heck and in front of Melissa Wordbury. It was an interesting placement. But all in all, Shelley got at least as many cheers as Heck. And the kids were taking the candy that was being passed out!

Further behind were the Boulder City Democrats and John Oceguera. The locals were also smiling as they were going by. Again, the crowd seemed quite polite this year. Everyone was just enjoying the show.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for "the water works" this year, so I don't know how that went. But all in all, there's really no better way to celebrate America's birthday than do so with good friends in a true Nevada treasure.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

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