Thursday, July 5, 2012

More on the New Voter Registration Numbers

Earlier this week, we took a glance at the new Clark County voter registration numbers. Now, we finally have the statewide numbers available.

I just crunched some more numbers, and I noticed some interesting things up north. Democrats overall made modest gains in Washoe County as the Republican registration advantage countywide shrank from 1.70% to 1.65%. In the super hot SD 15 race where Sheila Leslie faces off against Greg Brower, the Republican edge shrank from 1.99% to 1.93%. While the results here weren't as dramatic as what we saw down south, there was some improvement for Nevada Democrats.

And then, there's NV-04. Now that the rurals are in, we know the overall picture. The district wide Democratic registration advantage rose from 9.13% to 9.59%, so all those new registrations in Clark County really came in handy.

And finally, we have the statewide numbers. In raw numbers, the Democratic registration edge grew from 38,792 voters to 44,179 voters. This means Nevada Democrats' advantage grew from 3.66% to 4.09%.

Again, the overall news from last month's voter registrations looks quite good for Nevada Democrats. While their gains up north were more modest, their big gains in Clark County were indeed big enough to make an impact on NV-04 and statewide.

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