Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Will We Ever Learn?

Here we go again. CCSD has forced local high school principals to make more cuts. Now, even more extracurricular activities are being eliminated, including the entire choir program at Arbor View High School. And work training programs are going bye bye at several schools. Oh, and Chaparral High School is even losing its school librarian!

It's bad. It's really bad. And what makes this even worse is that CCSD Administration are going out of their way to make this worse. Even though CCSD Administrators cry poor to the media, they actually have the money to pay their teachers and keep our schools functioning. But instead of doing what's both right and obvious, they'd rather make petty ideological "statements" that just happen to hurt our kids.

And in case that isn't bad enough, there's something even worse. Come on, you must know what's coming.

Honestly, it's pathetic seeing this epic CCSD food fight over mere crumbs. And it's disgusting to know that this kind of nonsense is bound to continue if Brian Sandoval gets his way and squashes all talk of progressive tax reform.

This is something that we discussed back in March.

But as long as our schools suck and as long as the rest of our public infrastructure continues to lag, Southern Nevada will continue to suffer our addiction to the extreme highs and extreme lows of "the bubble based economy". I'm sure I sound like a broken record sometimes, but I nonetheless feel the need to continue talking about this until we finally see some real action and real solutions. We really do have the potential to bring more high tech jobs into this state, especially in sectors like gaming and renewable energy where we have natural strength, but we'll never realize that potential if we don't invest in our "human capital".

And it still rings true today. How much more of this nonsense can we endure? And how much more suffering must our kids endure before we take action to correct this?

Between the continuing CCSD War on Teachers and the ongoing Nevada school funding crisis, there's plenty of unnecessary hardship that is being forced on Southern Nevada. Students shouldn't be denied a chance to fulfill their dreams, and they especially shouldn't have to see their dreams denied because of failed "tea party" ideology. It's time for Nevada to grow up and properly invest & nurture our future.

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