Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Joe Heck STILL Needs a Reality Check on Health Care

Back in March, we discussed Joe Heck's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with an inadequate patchwork of political catch phrases. Yesterday, he was back at it and talking like a "big shooter" in predicting how many Blue Dog Democrats will cross over and vote to repeal ACA next week, boasting of his role in advising Mitt Romney on (his) health care (folly), and brag about how great a political strategist he is. Yep, that's what Joe Heck has been up to lately.

Apparently, Joe Heck doesn't really care about the real world impact of his "ideas". Does Heck even know what happens if we were to repeal ACA and go ahead with his alternative? Fortunately, Desert Beacon actually does. And she's even exposed Heck and the other Republicans' "repeal and replace" rhetoric for what it really is.

So why is Heck doing this? Simple. He has no other choice. Because Republicans really have no workable alternative to ACA, they have to fill that empty hot air with something. And right now, the only "something" they have is meaningless political rhetoric. Besides, what else can they say about repealing a law that has already begun to change our health care system for the better?

It really comes down to this. Joe Heck wants to run against "The ObamaCare Bogeyman". He doesn't want to actually run against the real "ObamaCare" and what it actually does.

And he doesn't want to actually run on a platform of resuming the bad old failed status quo.

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So once again, Joe Heck is simply playing politics with Nevada's health care. Perhaps he thinks this is his "winning issue", but I think he's in dire need of a reality check. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. And Nevada's working families need for Nevada's members of Congress to spend time on more worthwhile matters than taking away their health care.

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