Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pool "Day Clubs": To Do Or Not to Do? Here's My Take.

This is the question. Today's Sun has not one, but two stories on "day clubs".

Obviously, the concept of turning a simple casino pool into a club has proven to be quite lucrative... But can it also be dangerous? Last year, Harrah's had to shut down Rio's Sapphire Club pool over alleged prostitution. Eight arrests were also made last summer at Hard Rock's famed (or is it infamous?) Rehab pool over drug and prostitution charges.

So is this going too far? Are these glorified "frat house pool parties" going too far?


Here's why. This is VEGAS, baby! Come on, folks, this is the place to party. This is the place to get wild and crazy. This is the place to live it up, day and night, 24/7.

If you can't get your freak on at Rehab, where else can you go on a Sunday... When many of my neighbors here in Henderson are in the church and/or at the park?

But about the drugs? And the hookers? As we've talked about before, I'm a civil libertarian by nature. Personally, I wouldn't mind Nevada legalizing prostitution and most drugs. And as long as the drinking, hooking up, getting high, and other assorted debauchery are being kept in an enclosed pool complex separate from the pool where the other hotel guests (including families with kids), what's the problem?

Again, fast times and crazy living are what brings so many millions of tourists to Las Vegas each year. Why ruin this naughty magic by making us some "(not so) glorified San Diego or Phoenix or Salt Lake City"? Let the day clubs open, and let the adults play in the pools!

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