Friday, May 14, 2010

NV-Sen: Suzy Lowdown Campaign Meltdown?

So Suzy Lowdown tried desperately to change the subject from her flailing campaign this week by attacking Harry Reid for saving CityCenter, taking Perini's side in the MGM Mirage v. Perini dispute over CityCenter, and looking like a fool. So what is she saying? That Perini did a great job in screwing up The Harmon? That all those construction worker deaths were no big deal? That it would have been better if CityCenter weren't built and MGM Mirage, Nevada's single largest employer, had gone belly up bankrupt?

Oh yeah, and didn't Ms. Suzy have her own little issue with not paying the construction bills for her fancy dancy Summerlin mansion? What was that line Jesus said about taking the log out of one's own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else's?

Yeah, Suzy Lowdown, destroying Nevada workers' jobs really is your job!

And of course, this was only just one facet of the continuing Suzy Lowdown campaign meltdown. According to the "poll" from "the 'newspaper' that shall not be named", Ms. Suzy holds a measly 30-25 lead over Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle in the GOoP primary with Lil' Tark Shark swimming just a little further behind at 22%. Heh. And "the 'newspaper' that shall not be named" was already crowning Lowdown the winner just a month ago?

And what about the other GOoPers nipping at Suzy Lowdown's big, red designer heels? Apparently, they didn't get the memo that Ms. Suzy was already supposed to be "the winner"... And the teabaggers are thumbing their noses at her as they're embracing the new love of their lives, Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle.

So is this Ms. Suzy's swan song? Or should I say chicken cluck?

Maybe not yet. She may yet survive the GOoP primary... But no matter who makes it out clucking, a certain someone from Searchlight is still smiling. I guess Jon Ashjian didn't even have to wreck the Nevada GOoP... Suzy Lowdown is already on her way to doing that herself, whether or not she wins the primary. :-)

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  1. Actually, I was giddy about an MGM Apocalypse last year, since it would have finally meant a death spiral for that big ugly duopoly that had been allowed to build. Those resorts (well, maybe not one, just to cover the debts of running the others) would have continued uninterrupted while buyers broke things up and parcelled it out.

    When do we vote to punish people who decided to let Harrahs-ParkPlace and MGM-Mandalay happen, anyway? Oh wait, the Gambling Board is unelected.

    So while I would say that someone talking about the dismantling of our state's largest employer is definitely speakin' my language, I'm more and more likely to just stand out this whole race. I'm a little shocked, because I was expecting that I'd do campaign volunteer stuff for whoever was going to run against Mr. Searchlight, so much have him go. But this whole primary has been a wet blanket of massive proportions.