Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter to Nevada DMV Director Regarding Driver's Licenses for Transgender Nevadans

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We had heard enough of these disturbing and very illegal denials of accurate driver's licenses to transgender Nevadans. Here is our letter to Nevada DMV Director Edgar Roberts asking him to stop this wrongful and illegal discrimination. We hope you join us in writing your own letter.


May 10, 2010
Director Edgar Roberts
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711

Dear Mr. Roberts,

It has been brought to our attention that the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is continuing to deny transgender Nevadans the right to change the gender marker on their driver licenses with a letter from a doctor which states that a person’s gender has been changed. This is of great concern to us, and we hope you will end this discriminatory and illegal policy.

This denial of accurate driver’s licenses to transgender persons violates current Nevada Administrative Code 483.070 which states, “A person who wishes to change the gender indicated on his driver’s license, motorcycle driver’s license or identification card must submit proof satisfactory to the department that his gender was changed. The proof must include documentation prepared by a physician or an osteopathic physician indicating that the gender of the person has been changed.”

By denying change of gender marker on driver’s licenses to transgender Nevadans, the DMV is violating state law as well as violating the privacy rights of many thousands of Nevadans. This puts these Nevadans at greater risk for workplace discrimination and increases the risk of anti-transgender hate crimes. Not only is the denial of proper driver’s licenses illegal, but it also jeopardizes public safety and leads to further civil rights violations.

As the Director of the Nevada DMV, Mr. Roberts, you have the authority to ensure your department is abiding by state law and allowing transgender persons to change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses. We urge you to properly use this authority to prevent any further unlawful discrimination against transgender persons here in Nevada by. Please change the DMV’s policy on changing the gender marker on driver’s licenses so it can be in line with Nevada Administrative Code 483.070 and treat transgender Nevadans fairly and with decency.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Derek Washington

Sandra Eddy

Andrew Davey
Secretary & Political Director

Chris Miller

Laura Martin
Communications Director

Karen Grayson
Transgender Outreach Director
Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada

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