Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nevada's Progressive Voter Guide!

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From our friends at Progress Now... And I couldn't be happier to see this!

ProgressNow Nevada
Dear Andrew,

Early Voting begins in just hours. And we want you to head to the polls armed with knowledge.

Today we're launching Nevada's first-ever Progressive Voter Guide.

We want you to vote smart and vote for progress.

There's something for every voter in this guide. We cover Democratic legislative primaries; sort through non-partisan county races and tell you who all those judicial candidates are.

We've partnered with some key progressive friends in labor, environment, education and choice to show you which candidates they support. And we hired journalists to write it.

Spend a few minutes looking through the races and candidates. Mark up your sample ballot and share the guide with everyone you know.

Check out the Progressive Voter Guide today.

And then go out and vote with confidence.

Yours in progress,

Erin Neff
Executive Director
ProgressNow Nevada

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