Sunday, May 9, 2010

Programming Note: Vegas Uncork'd Wrap-up Coming, Politics Coverage Resumes Tomorrow

OK, my politic@ friends who have been missing my environmental policy thoughts, Suzy Lowdown takedowns, tax talk, and financial regulatory reform goodies... Fear not, for I'll be back this week some policy and politics goodies for you. In fact, I'll have a discussion on green collar jobs and the Nevada state budget with none other than my State Senator, Joyce Woodhouse, tomorrow. I'll also have something to say on (US) Senator Harry Reid's efforts to stop a massive gravel mine from coming dangerously close to my neighborhood, more on the Arizona anti-immigrant nonsense, and even more interesting tidbits this week.

And of course, I'll also have more casino news along with my thoughts on the latest gaming industry news this week as well.

Oh yes, and even with Uncork'd wrapping up today, stay tuned here as this is just the start of what I'm calling "My Fun Foodie Summer"!

Hey, I have something for everyone here. Keep enjoying, kids. ;-)

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