Friday, May 28, 2010

NV-Sen: Friday Snippets & Quick Hits... UPDATED!

OK, I'm on my way out and I can't spend too much time blogging this morning. Still, let me go through some of the top Senate race stories I'm following today and into the weekend.

- No matter how the paper that shall not be named tries to spin it, Harry Reid is looking stronger these days while all the GOoPers are faltering. Obtuse Angle slips into a 3% deficit against Reid in the paper's "poll", while Suzy Lowdown holds a 3% lead within the margin of error and Lil' Tark Shark holds a tiny 1% lead even further within the margin of error. And remember, paper/Mason-Dixon polls typically skew 5-10% more Republican than the more accurate polls. (Remember when they said Obama & McCain were tied in late October just before Obama won Nevada by 12.5% in November 2008?)

- That same "paper that shall not be named" "poll" also shows Suzy Lowdown with a 1% lead deep within the margin of error against Obtuse Angle in the GOoP primary, with Lil' Tark Shark only 7% behind Lowdown. So yet again, we see that Suzy Lowdown may not even win the primary!

- Today's Sun exposes some more of Suzy Lowdown's abysmal business record. For someone who talks plenty about "creating jobs", Ms. Suzy seems to have a hard time actually doing that at Archon. However, here's one thing we should give her credit for excelling at: making sure she and the hubby get their bonus checks (regardless of whether they have to fire more workers)!

- Today's Sun also has a doozy on Baby Tark's hot mess of a land foreclosure here in Henderson. He says he was caught in a bad deal, but he also admits he didn't do any research, didn't do any meetings, didn't handle any paperwork, and basically failed to do his own due diligence! Is this the kind of sloppy "business" we want in the Senate?

- And finally, Suzy Lowdown is noticing her falling poll numbers and trying to change them by hitting Obtuse Angle even harder. I guess she has to keep distracting voters from her own failure to answer the simplest questions on issues like civil rights and climate change.


- While Tea Party Express went with Angle, it seems Action is Brewing is endorsing Cha-cha-Chachas for Senate (while also endorsing "Luv-Guv" Gibbons for Gube). It seems all is not well in Teabagger-land, as they all can't agree on a single slate of candidates to endorse.

- And Suzy Lowdown is hitting Obtuse Angle yet again with a new ad on "Scientology-Massage-gate". Yep, this GOoP Primary is about to get a whole LOT uglier before early voting ends.

Again, I'll have more on all of this over the weekend. But again, I just have to say that... Well, I told you so! The DC pundits may be surprised about Harry Reid's comeback, but I'm not. And you shouldn't be, either. The more Nevadans learn about the GOoP's riches of embarrassments, the more confident I feel about November. :-)

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