Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vegas Uncork'd: THEexperience at THEhotel

(Also at Rate Vegas' Two Way Hard Three)

So I have arrived at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. In fact, I am now writing from "THE wifi" at "THE desk" at "THE Living Room" at "THE Suite"... And I'm listening to "THE Beyonce" as I write from "THE Macbook" on "THE desk". Am I sounding annoying yet?

I digress.

Anyway, I'm now here and I'm getting ready for my first Vegas Uncork'd event of the weekend: dinner at Bradley Ogden, WITH Bradley Ogden! Yes, I know, this is exciting and I'm so excited that Hunter was gracious enough to let me be a guest contributor this weekend so I care share this and other adventures with you at Las Vegas' biggest and most fabulous culinary action-packed weekend, with celebrity chefs from all around the world descending upon our humble 'burg to give us a taste of what they're all about.

However since I know you're also interested in hotel and casino design, I'll also be providing some of my observations of the Strip casinos I go in and out of. So let's start with my home base for this weekend: Mandalay Bay.

Honestly, "THE Suite" is quite sweet. Sure, there aren't the types of fun electronic gadgets you'll now find at any room at Aria, Encore, or Palazzo. But as a "boutique hotel", it works nicely with three flat panel TVs, a fully loaded wet bar, floor-to-ceiling windows, plush carpeting, chic furniture, and plenty of room to roam. And for a hotel that opened in 2003, my suite at THEhotel has minimal damage.

The decor is very hip. The color palette is mainly earth tones. The furniture really looks like the kinds of items I'll find at my yuppie friends' pads in Manhattan and West Hollywood. If you want to take a look at where I'm staying, check out my homemade "sweet suite tour" video (which I'll also upload to YouTube later), as well as my Twitpic.

And the actual Mandalay casino? It's still looking good for someone in Vegas going on eleven. I only found minimal chips in the marble. The water features were all working properly. And THEhotel lobby still looks as stunning in its uber-chic minimalist postmodern way (although that could just be the dim lighting!). For some reason, it seems like MGM Mirage is taking better care of Mandalay Bay than Bellagio. Weird, right?

I'll write more today as I explore, and expect a full review tomorrow morning of all the action at Bradley Ogden's Vegas Uncork'd event. I'll also be listening to other "eyes and ears on the ground" to let you know about the other events tonight. And as always, please feel free to follow me @atdleft on Twitter all weekend as I explore more at Mandalay Bay, take a glimpse at the other Strip casinos, review more restaurants, and follow all the Vegas Uncork'd madness for you.

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