Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally, a "Best of Las Vegas" Poll Worthy to Be Considered "Best"?

Have our prayers been answered? Really, great goddess of the sky? Some Las Vegas publication has actually published a decent "Best Of" list??!!

Yes, my dears, Las Vegas Weekly knows good food... For the most part. What a relief!

Still, there were a few things I disagreed with. Why bother with The Palm for lunch when there are so many more interesting choices? Why give Paymon's ANY "best" award??!! (Best lousy grub pretending to be "Mediterranean"?) Why declare Capriotti's sandwich "best"? (They're good, but nowhere near Earl of Sandwich IMHO.) And why give Dick's ANY "best" award? (Best lame Light Group attempt at a restaurant?)

But yes, their list has far more hits than misses. Bravo to Sage's Shawn McClain for winning "Best New Chef" and "Best Wine by the Glass"! Bravo to Julian Serrano for "Best Tapas" and "Best New Restaurant"! Bravo to Guy Savoy for "Best Wine List"! Brava to Sunrise Coffee for "Best Coffee Shop"! And brava to all the other worthy "Best Of" winners this year!

Oh, and brava to Las Vegas Weekly for actually caring about eating well here in Las Vegas! Tasting Las Vegas is right. Some of the picks seem odd, but all in all they sound like they know what they're doing (as opposed to that other paper that shall not be named).

It probably helps to have great food writers, and good management that lets the great food writers actually do their job. :-)

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