Monday, May 24, 2010

NV-Sen: Bye Bye Suzy... And Hello Sharron?

Ah, the Suzy v. Sharron war continues in the Nevada GOoP. DC Beltway gossip rag Politico has some dirt on the new round of GOoPer infighting over the Senate Primary.

[... P]olitical strategists on both sides say Angle would have to step up her field organization and advertising apparatus to have any shot of beating the most powerful Democrat in the Senate.

Angle “has no clue about what is going to happen to her,” said a Nevada GOP insider. “She is in no way prepared for this, for a race at the federal level. She’s really out of her depth here.”

And when asked by the Politico reporter about "Angle-mania" among Nevada GOoPers, Suzy Lowdown just lost it.

Lowden stopped just short of saying that Angle would lose if she were the nominee, but said: “You think Harry Reid is afraid of her? Is he running commercials against her?”

In an interview Friday, Lowden denied suggestions she was in a free-fall, saying that the race has tightened in the final weeks because of the Tea Party Express’s endorsement of Angle — and because of the six-figure attack ad blitz from Reid’s allies.

Although Tarkanian insists that he can emerge from the three-way primary as Lowden begins to focus on Angle, Lowden said the race has become a two-way campaign between her and Angle.

During the interview, Lowden refused to say if she stood by her bartering-for-health-care comments, saying she was focusing instead on Nevada’s high unemployment and foreclosure rates. When a reporter asked Lowden about the comments, she accused him of “allowing” Reid to change the subject.

“If you want to change the subject and talk about the subject that no one else is talking about, that’s up to you,” Lowden said.

At the end of the interview, Lowden declined to discuss whether she shared Paul’s views on the Civil Rights Act.

“You can’t resist this, can you? I have no idea what another candidate says,” Lowden said.

Asked whether she had any concerns about the law’s reach into private business, Lowden said, “I’m going, thank you,” then abruptly hung up the phone.

Obviously, Ms. Suzy is upset. She thought she was "the anointed one" entitled to win this year. And all of a sudden, voters abandon her as she repeatedly sticks both feet in her mouth? And her long record of violating the law when it's too "inconvenient" for her is exposed? And Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle erases her lead in the polls?

Poor, poor, lil' rich Suzy Lowdown! Whatever will she do?

Meanwhile, we continue to learn more about just how batsh*t crazy Sharron Angle really is!

Democrats are eager to lump Angle together with other tea party candidates across the country — particularly amid the controversy Rand Paul has created with his comments about the Civil Rights Act.

And they believe an Angle win in the June 8 Nevada GOP primary would give them an appealing national narrative: that the Republicans’ November ticket across the country is filled with “extreme” candidates well outside the mainstream of American politics.

On her website — full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors — Angle declares: “Like a soldier going to war, I am fighting for my country, the Constitution and a free society.”

She wants to privatize Social Security; cut federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars; build nuclear power plants inside Yucca Mountain; abolish the federal income tax and institute a “simpler, fairer, flatter tax system”; “defund Obamacare”; pull the United States out of the United Nations; ban nearly all abortions; get rid of the Energy and Education departments as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and remove all campaign finance restrictions, requiring instead immediate reporting of donations.

And in a state with a large and growing Hispanic population, Angle takes a hard-line view on immigration, siding with the tough new Arizona law that gives law enforcement officials broad discretion to crack down on suspected illegal aliens.

No wonder why GOoPer insiders are freaking out!

Sharron Angle's surge in the U.S. Senate primary contest has created a rift within the Republican Party, with key establishment players unhappy that the Tea Party-backed conservative might upset their handpicked favorite, Sue Lowden, GOP insiders say.

Some Republicans even have threatened privately to support Democratic incumbent Harry Reid in the fall if Angle on June 8 wins the nomination, so great is the consternation in traditional GOP circles, where Lowden, the former party chairwoman, enjoys considerable support. [...]

A state GOP insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss candid talk among party figures, said the Angle surge has taken many Republicans by surprise, and they worry the conservative isn't the best choice to carry the party mantle and reach out to independent and Democratic voters.

"There are a lot of Republican insiders who believe Sharron's going to win this thing. And there aren't very many people in the elected Republican establishment who like her," the insider said.

Bill Raggio was quoted in the piece, and not even he would deny abandoning Angle if she wins the primary. After all, she nearly defeated him in 2008! Obviously, this infighting is turning quite bitter. The teabaggers are demanding purity while the establishment folks want one of their own.

The GOoP establishment tried so hard help Suzy Lowdown buy the primary... But the teabaggers wouldn't have any of it. It's increasingly looking like they'll end up with their own "Rand Paul situation" should Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle win the primary. Even Markos, who isn't always very happy with Harry Reid, is now acknowledging something I've been telling you here for quite some time.

Oh, and once more, Lil' Tark Shark is a crybaby.

"Danny Tarkanian has been a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement, and he can best help this movement by ending his campaign for U.S. Senate," said Bryan Shroyer, political director for the Tea Party Express, who noted Angle had racked up all the major conservative endorsements.

The Tarkanian campaign responded with some heat, saying the Tea Party Express is tied to long-time GOP consultants who just want to make money off the anti-big government movement.

"The Tea Party Express is leading the corporatization of the Tea Party movement, and it's distasteful," said Jamie Fisfis, a California-based consultant of the Tarkanian campaign.

Some things never change. Baby Tark looks to be going down, continually crying over spilled milk... Or is that tea?

And the bumper car ride that the GOoPer primary has become continues. Suzy Lowdown and Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle continue to fight over who's the wingnuttiest, with Baby Tark crying in the sidelines. And still, someone in Searchlight is smiling. He really did get his groove back. ;-)

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