Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SB 283: SoS Ross Miller in Town to Explain New DP Law

[Nevada Secretary of State Ross] Miller is allowing couples to pre-file until Sept. 24 so they can receive their certificates on Oct. 1. Miller said his office has received about 350 filings.

“We’re already past Wisconsin, and we’re expecting a very high volume of filings in the first week,” Miller said. “To accommodate the high volume, we wanted to allow for a month of pre-filing so we would be able to process those registration forms.”

So far, it's continued good news on the SB 283 front. Miller was here in Vegas last night for The Center's forum on domestic partnerships (DPs). Notary publics were on hand to notarize DP registration forms. And fortunately, a number of remaining questions on DPs were answered by Miller, State Senator David Parks (D-Las Vegas) (who authored SB 283), and a large cast of lawyers specializing in family law.

Many couples were concerned about past debts affecting their current partners. Kunin explained that a person’s past debt is separate until the partnership is registered with the state.

“From the date of partnership backwards, it’s separate,” [attorney Ishi] Kunin said. “From the date of partnership forward, it’s community or joint.”

Other topics of interest included adoption, prenuptial agreements and medical benefits. The new bill doesn’t mandate that employers give health insurance to an employee’s partner, although some companies have said they’re willing to recognize an employee’s domestic partnership.

In case you still have questions about SB 283, take a look at what I uncovered some weeks ago. And if you need some real legal advice, contact one of these law firms for help.

And btw, speaking of The Center, today is National Center Awareness Day. And considering what The Center has done to make sure SB 283 became law, as well as what they're doing now in holding these town halls to help our community understand how SB 283 helps us, we should tip our hats and thank them for the great work they're doing.

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