Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Banks Have Beaten Us to a Pulp... We Need to Fight Back!

My dad recently went through this horrid bit of hell.

And in his case, it wasn't ever his fault. The cell phone company made a massive mistake in double charging him for the month's bill last month, so the bank started charging overdraft fees because he was supposedly overdrawn... Even though he really wasn't.

But even though the cell phone provider ultimately fixed its billing error, the bank never refunded the overdraft fees. And in fact, they charged him even more later in the month when he was never really overdrawn... AGAIN!

The bankers are thieves. They really are. We can't trust them, yet the politicians misuse our tax dollars to keep bailing them out so they can keep stealing from us. Instead of getting any more bailouts from us, these bank executives should face criminal charges for what they've done to us.

After we follow Ralph Nader's advice and sue the banks, we should urge the feds to investigate them. Now that would be the ultimate revenge!

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