Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Health Care News?

First off, I want to show you this from "The Great Orange Satan":

Folks have called Howard Dean many things in the past, but "stupid" or "ignorant" has never been one of them. If he's sure that we have 51 Senate votes for a good health care bill, then perhaps there's still reason to hope. Oh yes, and this may also give us reason to hope. (via DKos)

Under the Baucus plan, described in a "framework" he released last week, as many as 4 million of the 46 million people who are currently uninsured would be required to buy coverage on their own, without government help, by some estimates. Millions more would qualify for federal tax credits, but could still end up paying as much as 13 percent of their income for insurance premiums -- far more than most Americans now pay for coverage.

People further down the income scale would receive much bigger tax credits, effectively limiting their premiums at 3 percent of their earnings. But experts on affordability say even those families could find it difficult to meet the new mandate without straining their wallets.

The more we learn about "The Baucus Caucus Plan", the more reasons we have to fight it. It's downright disgusting. And worse yet, it will really hurt working-class families.

So what can we do? Keep jamming the phone lines and filling up the inboxes with pleas for real reform! Make sure our Representatives are hearing us loud and clear. Make sure The Progressive Block holds. We must do all we can to ensure real health care reform in 2009.

After all, Democrats will be punished in 2010 if they don't follow through.

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